Cecilia in perspective

Someone once said that one of the secrets to life is to ask the right questions. I agree with that but I also think it’s important to keep things in perspective. This is why I would like to explain what Cecilia’s Blog is about:

Cecilia is a wine, a blend of Shiraz, Mourvedre and Malbec. The income of Cecilia is being used to help children, and at the moment specifically street children, in need. She is a person also. She is me and I am the winemaker at Seidelberg Wine Estate in South Africa.

The IT age has changed how we communicate in a radical and exciting way. It has also, ironically, made personal contact across the globe easy and real. It makes it possible for me to give you a glimpse of what life is like for the kids Cecilia aims to help. I will also be focusing on the people doing the work. I admire their perseverance and courage because it is not an easy road, and at times just heartbreaking. There are however inspiring stories of children who’s lives have been changed through the effort of others and I will be chatting to some of them also.

Similarly the world of wine is full of stories and interesting people. On the website I mention that my dream of being involved in farming became reality as I began to work in the wine industry. I have subsequently realized that many people become wine makers for exactly the same reason.

At any given moment I am dreaming more dreams than what I have time for to pursue! One such dream has been to become a Master of Wine. Ever since I starting learning about wine and the world of wine, I have had an admiration for these professionals of the wine industry. Pursuing the dream of becoming a Master of Wine was for a long time completely out of the question but has become a reality recently. I have just completed the first year of the MW education programme… However, all that this means really is that I have an insurmountable quantity of work to be done and just over zero chance of passing the exam next year!

 Actually this is not quite true, it means a lot more: It means that I am in the process of tasting, learning, reading and asking questions about this infinitely interesting industry and its people (which to me includes the consumer as well) and that I will be posting some of these thoughts on Cecilia’s blog.

So far I have mentioned the children perspective and the wine perspective, but there is one more: the music perspective. My music training is classical. When I was deciding what to do with my life after school the choice was between a career as a music teacher (which would have been a safe bet in a way) and trying to find a career in farming. This was a very unrealistic choice given the fact that I did not grow up on a farm, had no practical experience, and to top it all, I am women. Things have changed a lot and today females are involved in all aspects of the industry and are making a very positive contribution. 

If you have been to the website you know that I pursued the latter and loved it, but I found myself missing active involvement in music constantly. I tried to make up for it in different ways, of which one was to make music with a couple of street kids. What followed after that is what Cecilia’s website is about, so please have a look if you have not already. It is also why we launched the wine with a music concert and why I would like to do the same for each vintage of Cecilia.

Last week I had a very exciting conversation with a special musician about the next Cecilia launch. It was a thrilling experience because I love her music and I was absolutely over the moon when she said that she and her friends would like to be involved in the future! This is unfortunately as much as I can tell you at the moment so you will have to watch this space closely to not miss out on more information about the next concert and some other music “notes”.

Drink to dreams!




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  1. Al wat ek kan se is WOW. Leef jou droom. Dis alles pragtig, die wynmaker inkluis. Hoe gaan dit met jou !?


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